We hold the conviction that the most significant breakthroughs and innovations reside in the domain of the UNSEEN - the realms just outside the scope of traditional thinking. "Perceive the Unknown, Achieve the Unthinkable" embodies our educational ethos.

In today’s intricate world, filled with hidden challenges and opportunities, our goal is to illuminate these obscured aspects, preparing our students to adeptly traverse this terrain.

We foster an innovative educational setting where conventional limits are transcended, making the INVISIBLE visible. Our cross-disciplinary method merges design, technology, and comprehensive learning, prompting students to venture into uncharted territories.

Our curriculum, enriched with specialized courses, experiential projects, and real-world applications, unveils new realities not covered in standard textbooks and curriculums. Moving past mere theoretical knowledge, we provide practical tools for effective problem-solving, inspiring our students to engage in critical and creative thinking. “Perceive the Unknown, Achieve the Unthinkable” encapsulates this journey.

What Make Us Spcecial?

The world of fashion, a multibillion-dollar industry, poses a significant challenge for individuals aspiring to make their mark. At Kenstone Institute of Design Technology (KIDAT), we empower students by providing comprehensive knowledge, refining skills, and preparing them for the competitive realm of fashion through our specialized Fashion Designing courses.



Our vision is to become a globally recognised institution that empowers and inspires individuals to become leaders in the dynamic and ever-evolving global fashion industry, driving innovation and sustainability.


At the Kenstone Institute of Design and Technology, our mission is to provide a comprehensive and forward-thinking education that prepares students to thrive in the global fashion industry.


Through a combination of immersive learning experiences, industry collaborations and a focus on ethical practices, we aim to develop skilled professionals who can navigate the complexities of the global fashion market, create impactful designs, and contribute to shaping a sustainable and inclusive future for the industry.

Fashion technology: where the runway meets the future, and every stitch tells a tale of innovation and sophistication.

Meet Our Team

Know the invisible, be invincible!

Dhanyashree Swapnil Shetty
Fashion Designer and Founder of KIDAT.
Shreyas S.H
Graphic Designer.

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